Personal, Social & Health Education curriculum

Intent for TVED Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSE)

At TVED, Relationship Education is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up. Our PHSE curriculum will prepare children, building knowledge, vocabulary and confidence, to value who they are and understand how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world. For reference, take a look at the Department for Education personal, social & health education curriculum guidance here.


By the end of the KS1 PHSE curriculum most children will be able to:

  • Value and respect one another 
  • Appreciate themselves and those around them 
  • Understand how to keep safe and healthy 
  • Be respectful and kind

By the end of the KS2 PHSE curriculum most children will be able to:

  • Value each other and act in a responsible and ethical way 
  • Have a sense of self so they can become engaged citizens 
  • Understand how to stay safe individually and with others 
  • Be confident and independent
Year 1Caring friendships: Importance of friendships 
Respectful relationships: Manners
Families and people who care for me: Importance of family Mental Wellbeing: Being healthyBeing safe: Personal boundaries 
Physical Health: Being healthy
Who are your friends and why?What are good manners?Why are families important when growing up? What is mental health?What are appropriate boundaries? Why do I need to exercise and eat healthily?
Year 2Caring friendships: Characteristics of friends Respectful relationships: DifferencesFamilies and people who care for me: Characteristics of a healthy family Mental Wellbeing: My feelingsBeing safe: Secrets Physical Health: Diet
What are the characteristics of a good friend? How are we all different?What are the characteristics of a healthy family? How can I express my feelings and why is that important?When is it right to keep a secret? What is the impact of diet on my health?
Year 3Caring friendships: Healthy friendships Respectful relationships: RespectFamilies and people who care for me: Differences Mental Wellbeing: Myself and othersBeing safe: Physical contact Physical Health: Sleep
How do good friends make you feel? What is respect and why is it important?How are families different? How can I look after my own and others wellbeing?What is appropriate physical contact? How can a lack of sleep impact on my health?
Year 4Caring friendships: Resolving conflict Respectful relationships: Respecting myselfFamilies and people who care for me: Security Mental Wellbeing: Hobbies and interestsBeing safe: Strangers Physical Health: Illness
What do I do when a friend falls out with me How do I respect myself?How does my family make me feel safe and secure? Why are my hobbies important for my wellbeing?How do you know which adults to trust? What can I do if I feel unwell?
Year 5Caring friendships: Building trust Respectful relationships: Bullying and stereotypesFamilies and people who care for me: Commitment Mental Wellbeing: Being isolatedBeing safe: Being unsafe Changing me: Puberty and personal hygiene Physical Health: Keeping clean
What is a trustworthy friend? What are stereotypes and how may they lead to bullying?How do individuals show their commitment to each other? How does loneliness and bullying affect wellbeing?What is risk taking behaviour? How does my body change as I get older? Why is it important to keep clean?
Year 6Caring friendships: Judgement calls Respectful relationships: Mutual respectFamilies and people who care for me: Respect Mental Wellbeing: Seeking supportBeing safe: Getting help Changing me: Puberty Physical Health: Drugs, alcohol and tobacco
When is a friend not a friend? How do we show mutual respect in society?Are my family always right? How do I seek support if I am worried about my own or someone else’s wellbeing?How can I get help if I do not feel safe? Why are my emotions changing? What are the dangers of different substances?

*Basic first aid   *Age appropriate self-care   *Online relationships to be covered through Computing curriculum  *Safer Internet Day


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