Diamond Standards

Our trust standards are outlined by something we call our diamond standards. We are all diamonds: none of us start off polished, but with the right environment, time, support and development we become brilliant.


To be dedicated, hard working and always try our best.


To be adventurous, bold and brave.


To be inquisitive, excited and explore.


To be kind to ourselves, each other and our communities.


To use our talents to imagine, innovate and inspire.

Staff Charter

As an employer of choice, Tees Valley Education are committed to all its employees and we have worked closely with a group of staff to develop a staff charter that clearly articulates our commitment to our trust standards. We want to make this visible to all including individuals who are considering joining our Trust.


  • We assume the best of everybody and ‘catch’ others being brilliant.
  • We embrace inclusion and champion on it.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • We pursue diverse and innovative opportunities for and with our children.


  • To enhance children’s lives and future life chances.
  • To become brilliant…

Diamond Standard Awards

To encourage pupils and staff within the trust to follow the expectations we give, we host our annual Diamond Standards Awards. This is a way for us to recognise achievement and ‘catch’ others being brilliant. Each of the four diamond standards gains a number of nominees from all academies, this could be individual pupils, staff members or even families. Each category concludes with a winner who are each properly celebrated. Everyone also has the chance of becoming the overall child diamond winner and the overall adult diamond winner. These individuals are those who demonstrate all of the four diamond standards and represent everything it means to be a part of Tees Valley Education. It is something we all look forward to every year an is a big part of Tees Valley Education tradition.


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