Science curriculum

Intent for TVED Science

We aim for all children to become scientifically knowledgeable, scientifically literate and methodical problem solvers, by facilitating independent inquiry, nurturing curiosity and bringing current, relevant, real-world science into the classroom. This will develop the natural curiosity of the child, encourage respect for living organisms and the physical environment and provide opportunities for critical evaluation of evidence. For reference, take a look at the Department of Education science curriculum guidance here.

All children will work scientifically through: 
Identifying, Classifying Grouping, Observing Over Time, Pattern Seeking, Research using secondary sources and Comparative and Fair Testing. Elements of working scientifically need to be within all blocks. 

**Refer to the TVED Working Scientifically document**

Year 1Seasonal changesEveryday materialsAnimals, including humans 
What are the changes over the four seasons?Can you name and compare materials based on their properties?How can animals be compared? What are the different parts and types of plants and trees?
Year 2Uses of every day materials Living things and their habitatsAnimals, including humansPlants
Can you name, compare and classify materials based on their properties? How do the characteristics of plants and animals suit their habitats?What do humans need to grow and be healthy?What does a plant need to stay healthy?
Year 3Animals, including humans RocksForces and magnetsPlants Light
How do you move and grow? 
How are rocks formed?
What is a force?What is a life cycle of a plant?
What is a source of light and what happens when it is blocked?
Year 4Sound ElectricityStates of matterLiving things and their habitat Animals, including humans
How do you hear things? 
How does a circuit work?
What makes a liquid, solid or gas?How do animals thrive in their habitat?
What happens to your food when you eat it?
Year 5Living things and their habitat Animals, including humansEarth and spaceProperties and changes of materials Forces
What are the life cycles and processes of reproduction in some plants and animals?
What are the stages of human development?
How does Earth move within the solar system?When is a change reversible or irreversible?
How do forces act and what are their effects?
Year 6Evolution and inheritance LightElectricityAnimals, including humans Living things and their habitats
How have animals, humans and plants adapted over time?
How do we see things?
How do components affect a circuit?How does your heart work and stay healthy?
What characteristics could you use to classify animals and plants?


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