Board Delegation

Trust Board delegate through their scheme of delegation to recognised sub-committees as defined within their terms of reference. In addition each academy have a Local Academy Committee although does not have any delegated responsibilities from the Trust Board. The Local Academy’s focus is the heart and mind of the local community, again there are clear terms of reference which sets their remit. The following committees of the board are:

Audit, Risk and Finance Committee

Challenge Board

Standards Committee

Pay Review Committee

  • Chair – Vacant
  • Meetings held once a year

Local Academy Committee

  • Chair – Appointed by Trust Board for Each Academy
  • Meetings held once a term
  • Terms of Reference (Download)

Trust Board

  • Chair – Suzanne Hague (nee Withrington)
  • Meetings held 4 times a year
  • Terms of reference (Download)

Discipline committee

This committee is held with three trustees that are available to consider specific issues at an academy level e.g. admission and exclusion appeals.

Scheme of Delegation (Download)

Meeting attendance as at 14th December 2023
Annual Trust Work Plan 2023/24
Chair appointments July 2023


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