Pastoral, Health and Wellbeing

TVED Pastoral, health and Wellbeing offer

At TVED we know that when a young person is healthy in mind and body, they are better equipped to engage with learning, and to cope with other external challenges they may be confronted with as they grow. When our children are more resilient, they stand a far greater chance of becoming well rounded individuals, more able to overcome some of the set-backs they will undoubtedly encounter as part of everyday life.

For some young people, particularly those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACE), our staff, working collectively with partners and parents, need to provide more intensive support to help this group of children develop those skills. Each TVED academy has a pastoral and welfare team, who, under the direction of the Senior Leadership Team in each academy, prioritise children who require help from our own specialist staff, and also the many professional organisations we work with. This is detailed in our pastoral health and wellbeing offer below, which can be expanded by clicking on the link.

Academy pastoral, welfare and care teams

Wellbeing Poster (Download here)

Tees Valley Education – Framework for pastoral care (Download here)


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