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Tees Valley Education is a Multi-Academy Trust and sponsor which is currently made up of three academies across Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland. The two founding academies, Brambles and Pennyman, formed a dedicated partnership in 2010 underpinned by a passionately shared commitment to improve outcomes for all children and their communities. Over the seven years we have worked together, there have been a number of significant events, which have led to the formation and development of the Trust.

  • Brambles and Pennyman were two of the first primary schools in Middlesbrough to become academies in September 2012.
  • Both academies were recognised as ‘outstanding’ in every category by Ofsted in the summer of 2014.
  • Both academies were then designated as ‘National Support Schools’ in February 2015.
  • At the same time, the leaders of the academies were recognised as National Leaders of Education.
  • Teaching School status was awarded to Brambles and Pennyman in February 2016.

Within the Trust, there is a wealth of knowledge and expertise across both mainstream and specialist provision. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity: we have over 1000 mainstream places and 110 specialist unit places across the three academies. We also offer a range of outreach for both mainstream and specialist settings as well as leadership development and individual curriculum areas as national support schools.

As a group, we have constantly demonstrated our commitment and ability to nurture, share and encourage outstanding educational practice in a range of settings. We firmly believe that excellence happens, not in isolated moments, but when we strive to achieve it on a daily basis: An aspiration we have for all.



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