The Power of Women ambassador programme

Tees Valley Education is proudly partnered with the Power of women who provide the young women of the Tees Valley with the role models, inspiration, resources and information to take control over the choices they make. Recently, Tees Valley Educations Pennyman Primary Academy and Brambles Primary Academy had a session with the Power of Women team and appointed new ambassadors! The children love the programme with one Brambles pupil saying, “I really enjoyed taking part in trying to change the world”. The POW ambassador programme works with schools across tees valley to lit aspirations and encourage equal opportunities. Boys are encouraged to join too, promoting the idea that change cannot be made and perceptions of women and gender norms rectified unless we teach them the meaning of equality. The programme consists of a series of activities and workshops and links schools with a sponsor business who act as the school’s partner. They provide support during the programme and offer opportunities such as work experience. The Power of Women focuses on enhancing our ambassador’s confidence, their ambitions and changing gender stereotypes. We are so pleased to be able to offer this programme to our children and create a better world for the future generation. 


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