On March 8th, we celebrated International women’s Day across the Trust by taking part in Teesside Universities International Women’s Day virtual event. Alternative materials were developed for an IWD careers project which focused on an exercise aimed at inspiring young girls and also encouraging them to think about their aspirations and ambitions. Girls in Year 6 worked through activity sheets along with examples and inspiring stories from inspirational women from our area.

Going forward, to give our girls a voice, the stories will be shared on Teesside Universities IWD webpage.

This year, Teesside University also developed an inspiration wall on their webpage. To link with they invited us to be part of developing an aspirations wall based on the girls work, using specific elements from their projects.

Perhaps you might like to try some of the activities the girls worked on:

Creating a vision board

Thinking about what you want to achieve, collect some pictures to go on your vision board. These could be online or from old magazines. Select pictures that represent what you want to achieve. Be as creative as you want. Then, put them all together. The format of this is up to you – it could be a poster, it could be something you create on a computer. Add all of these to your board. The next step is to think of words that go with your goals. These are called affirmations and will help you picture what success will look and feel like. Here are a few example words: happy, successful, empowered, strong, healthy. Add the words to your vision board.


Think about your story and the steps you will need to take to achieve it. For example, it could be travel, study, or work. It depends on what it is you want to achieve. Start with where you are now and where you will be when you achieve your goal. Don’t stop at one page if you want to do more, keep creating if you want to!

Creating a film

Unleash your inner director! Think about how you would turn your career plan into a film. Using your storyboard, think about how you would turn it into a movie. This could be the dialogue in each scene, what music would be used, costumes or even who would play your supporting roles. You can even think about if it would be an animation or live production. The sky’s the limit!

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