Design Technology

Intent for TVED Design Technology

We aim to equip children with technical knowledge to develop life skills for the world beyond school.  To make and create products through independent and creative thinking, individually and as part of a team. They will also be able to evaluate effectively utilising acquired vocabulary.


By the end of KS1 most children will be able to:

  • use a range of materials to design and make simple products;  
  • select materials, tools and techniques and explain their choices;  
  • understand simple mechanisms and structures;  
  • measure, assemble, join and combine materials in a variety of ways using basic tools safely;  
  • investigate and evaluate simple products, commenting on the main features.

By the end of KS2 most children will be able to:

  • use knowledge and understanding of a range of materials, components and techniques to design and make quality products;  
  • evaluate work as it develops and, if necessary, suggest alternatives;  
  • produce designs and plans which list the stages involved in making a product, and list tools and materials used;  
  • accurately measure, mark, cut, join and combine a variety of materials, working safely and recognising hazards to themselves and others;  
  • understand the use of electrical and mechanical systems and more complex structures;  
  • evaluate what is or is not working well in a product.
Design TechnologyAutumnSpringSummer
Year 1Cooking and nutrition:  
Making soup
Mechanisms: bridge buildingTextiles: Make a glove / sock puppet
What makes a healthy soup?How do you build a strong bridge?How did you make your glove / sock puppet?
Year 2Cooking and Nutrition: 
Bake a cake
Mechanisms: Make a vehicleTextiles: Make a finger puppet
How do you bake a cake?How did you make your vehicle and how did it move?How did you join your finger puppet?
Year 3Textiles: Make a cushionCooking and Nutrition: Make a saladMechanisms: Make a clay pot
What stitching types did you use to join your materials?How did you make your salad?How did you join the different clay parts?
Year 4Textiles: Make a soft toyCooking and Nutrition:  Healthy PizzaMechanisms: Make a light house
How did you make your soft toy?What makes your pizza healthy?How did you make your lighthouse and how did it light up?
Year 5Mechanisms:  Make a space buggyTextiles:  Make a water bottle holderCooking and nutrition: Make a two-course meal
What makes your space buggy move?What features did you add to your water bottle carrier?How did you make your two-course meal?
Year 6Mechanisms: Make a moving toyTextiles: Make a pencil caseCooking and Nutrition: Make a three-course meal
What features did you use to make your toy move?What techniques did you use to make your pencil case?How did you make your three-course meal?


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