Board Delegation

Trust Board delegate through their scheme of delegation to recognised sub-committees as defined within their terms of reference. In addition each academy have a Local Academy Committee although does not have any delegated responsibilities from the Trust Board. The Local Academy’s focus is the heart and mind of the local community, again there are clear terms of reference which sets their remit. The following committees of the board are:

Audit, Risk and Finance

  • Chair – Richard Hodges
  • Meetings held once a term

Standards Committee

  • Chair – Patrick Scott
  • Meetings held once a term

Pay Review Committee

  • Chair – Jason Brine
  • Meetings held once a year

Local Academy Committee

  • Chair – Appointed by Trust Board for Each Academy
  • Meetings held once a term

Details of attendance at Trust Board and Committee Meetings from September 2018 can be found here

Attendance at Trust Board and Committee meetings for 2017/2018 can be found here

The work plan for the Trust Board and its sub committees is available from here.


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