CEO Message

At Tees Valley Education Multi Academy Trust, we believe that…’we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit,’ Aristotle.

Over time we have constantly demonstrated our commitment and ability to nurture, share, develop and provide outstanding educational opportunities and pastoral support for all. We pride ourselves on our inclusive offer and currently serve over 1200 children in a range of specialist and mainstream settings. Across the Trust, there is a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in a range of areas including: SEND and inclusion, mathematics, English, EYFS, curriculum development, Performing Arts and leadership.

The Trust’s culture and ethos is epitomised by the Diamond Standards that recognise we all need to have the right environment, time and support in order to develop our brilliance. Celebrating and actively nurturing values and behaviours that demonstrate the Trust’s standards of: commitment, courage, curiosity and care provide a platform for excellence as well as actively promoting responsible citizens and collaborative communities for the future.

Whilst this work is inherent across the Trust, we also firmly believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the wider system and platform of the education profession. Therefore, we also have an incredibly strong outreach offer which we develop and deliver in collaboration with a range of strategic partners.

We look forward to making sure that…’every child, has every chance, every day.’


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